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Your startup’s vitamins to grow

We are a group of angels investing in early-stage B2B SaaS technology startups.

Who We Are

Spinach is a group of angel investors focused on Israeli ​Pre-Seed tech ​investments. Spinach was established in 2014 with the goal of supporting and financing innovative Israeli companies with early-stage funding.

Spinach is not a classic VC or fund. It’s a pool of experienced angel investors, with a collective net worth of over $2B. We decided to act together and provide financial and managerial support to entrepreneurs in the earliest stages of realizing their dreams and building their companies.

We believe in super-simple deals, and move extremely fast so that the founders can focus on developing their products and businesses. We see ourselves as the founders’ ‘friends-and-family’ initial support.

Should I contact Spinach?

Here’s a quick way to see if we are a good match for your business. Take the following ‘test’ and see the potential fit with Spinach.

You have an innovative early service and are ready to commit 100% of your time & energy to your venture.

Your financial plan is based on a nimble, low-cost model and does not require more than $250,000 in initial funding to generate recurring revenues from your first customers.

Collectively, you and your co-founder/s have the majority of the required domain expertise and skillset to execute in the 1st year of operations, including software development capabilities.

You're operating as a pure software B2B venture which solves a clear ROI-driven pain.


In which types of companies do you invest?

We love software projects, mainly b2b SaaS in large-enough niche markets​. We’re not​ investing in hardware-related projects. We value integrity and work ethic. We appreciate projects that are already touching early clients and that are geared for low-cost, efficient business models with high potential scale.​

Why choose Spinach?

Spinach gives you the vitamins to grow. We are seasoned entrepreneurs and know that a combination of efficient processes, experienced advisors and timely funding can go a long way to build your business’s muscles. Spinach Angels will provide you with the initial funding fast and enable you to focus on your product; the Spinach team will provide a network of contacts and resources to support business objectives, and will be available to discuss and advise on major business decisions.

How are you different from traditional VC?

We tend to invest smaller amount of money and in earlier stages of the projects’ life-cycle. We believe in super-simple deals and try to align our interests with those of the founder/s as much as possible (i.e. we love taking common shares, and not looking for cumbersome veto rights).

​Do you do SAFE or CLA?

Absolutely! We're indifferent as to the deal mechanics as long as the main economic values are kept (i.e. applying the right valuation cap). We have good experience with SAFEs and CLAs and these can help us cut many of the legalities and save on time and legal fees.

​How much do you invest?

We typically inject ​up to ​$2​50,000 in the project initially. 

What if I need more than $250k at the initial stage?

It depends how much more. If you need a bit more we are happy to cooperate with other friendly ​angel investors and jointly invest to cover your funding needs. In case you’re planning on significantly larger round, this is not for us and we unfortunately will need to pass on the opportunity (and may be sorry for it later :-))

What does the investment process look like?

Fast. Friendly. Focused. We will probably jump on a quick call with you and if relevant – continue with face-to-face meeting. In most cases we will make go/no-go decision in 7 days and money in your bank within 30 days from 1st meeting ​top. try us.

​In which companies you've already invested?

We're proud pre-seed investors in bunch of companies , in different stages and domains. Just to name a few - Silverback (an AI market intelligence platform for online retailers), Cloudigo (a data center infrastructure and networking solution; acquired by IBM), EquityX (a new startup economy and funding service), Lightico (a sales automation booster), Quartix (a supply chain finance service), Shiperd (a shipping management service for importers and exporters), Chat Leap (a Chat-based product recommendation technology), Cyberfish (NextGen Anti-phishing service and tech), Bestpractix (an all-in-one AI-powered productivity platform for lawyers), WizeCare (A remote telerehabilitation solution) and Gaviti (a receivable collection management solution). Feel free to contact any of these teams to ask about working with Spinach :-)

Who are you anyways?

Spinach is led by Gal Chet and Avi Shechter. The other participating angels prefer to stay under the radar but we will be happy to share more details in person :-)

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